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Kiln Dried Ash Crates 25cm

1 x 1m3 Crate£300.00
2 x 1m3 Crate£566.00
3 x 1m3 Crate£849.00
4 x 1m3 Crate£1,132.00
10 Bags of Kindling£39.90
20 Bags of Kindling£74.99
Firelighters 50£7.99
Firelighters 200£26.00
Extra Long Matches£6.00
Crate Disposal£15.00

All our firewood is Woodsure Certified Ready To Burn

Product Description

Striving to raise the quality of wood fuel in the industry, our Woodsure accredited fuel guarantees an appropriate moisture content of below 20%, in turn maximising the performance of your stove.

Here at Opulence, we have recognised that kiln dried hardwood Ash, offers a higher heat output and efficiency due to the calorific value of the species.

While Ecodesign Ready stoves are designed to reduce particle matter emissions by burning wood more efficiently and cleanly, it is equally important for the respective wood fuel to have a moisture content of below 20%. We know that softwoods burn too fast, and some hardwood species such as oak can be difficult to ignite and maintain.

With our 25cm logs fitting 99% of wood burning stoves, we also offer 40cm logs for the larger appliances that consume more fuel as we have found that larger/thicker logs have a tendency to burn for longer in the bigger stoves. Please call for advice if required.

Please note, that all logs will vary plus or minus 10% due to the nature of the harvesting process.

Interesting Facts

  • The Biomass Energy Centre says “a cubic meter (1m3) of loose volume equals about 0.66 cubic meter stacked volume”.

Essentially this means that loose log deliveries may appear to be more compelling from a price perspective per cubic meter, the reality is that stacked logs such as our log crates will provide you with more logs per cubic meter by comparison. It also means that if your delivery comes whilst we are experiencing adverse weather conditions you are not forced to get the logs into immediate shelter, remembering a wet log produces less heat.

Delivery Service

All fuel orders are delivered free of charge by one of our in-house delivery drivers, with rough terrain equipment enabling us to deliver onto shingle driveways, rather than just kerbside.

Please note: Add any delivery instructions in the note section at the checkout, should you not be home our driver can then leave your firewood in a suitable place.