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Dik Guerts Prostyle Tunnel

Dik Geurts Instyle / Prostyle Tunnel EA Wood Burning Fire

A stylish, double-sided wood burning fire which provides warmth and ambience for two adjoining rooms

Alternatively, you can install the Dik Geurts Instyle or Prostyle Tunnel in a central chimney breast in larger rooms or open plan living areas

Offered as ‘Instyle’ with a steel outer edge on the door

‘Prostyle’ has printed glass on two sides which covers the steel outer frame on the door

Ideally suited to large areas with a powerful nominal heat output of 11kW

A+ energy efficiency class

Can accept large logs up to 50cm in length

This stunning see-through wood fire can be built into a pre-fabricated chimney breast or room dividing wall

Vermiculite interior side panels

Fire view sizes: 650mm wide x 547mm high

Offered with a choice of frames to complete the look



Prostyle fires have screen-printed glass that conceals the metal frames. The Prostyle Tunnel is a see-through wood stove that can be build into a pre-fabricated chimneybreast or room dividing wall. With hinged doors on either side, it is both stunning and practical. It has a heat output range from 9 – 12 kW and an efficiency rating of 83%.





Brand Dik Geurts
Series Instyle/Prostyle
Category Wood fires
EcoDesign Ready Yes
Energy efficiency class energy rating a plus plus
Fire view Tunnel
Shape Horizontal
Fuel Wood
Combustion system Combustion air from living area
Control Manual control
S-Thermatik NEO
Colours Dark anthracite
Material Steel
Interior Vermiculite natural
Output net min. (kW) 9.0
Output net max. (kW) 12.0
Nominal heat output 11
Max. log length (cm) 52
Efficiency (%) 83.0
CO emission (%-13% O2) 0.079
Particulate Matter (mg/Nm3-13% O2) 24
OGC/CxHy (mg/Nm3-13% O2) 21
NOx emission (mg/Nm3-13% O2) 28
Built-in depth (mm) 542
Fire view width (mm) 557
Fire view height (mm) 448
Weight (kg) 140
Flue Top
Flue Ø (mm) 180
External air connection Base
Convection connection


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