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Hwam – 3110M White

Hwam – 3110M White Ex-display inset


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  • Combustion Air System
    No oxygen, no fire. It’s that simple. That is why a constant flow of air to the wood-burning stove is needed to create clean and effective combustion in your HWAM.
  • Convection
    All HWAM and WIKING wood-burning stoves are convection stoves. This means that the wood-burning stove quickly emits heat after lighting.
  • 3 way “Airwash”
    Dancing flames are both fascinating and relaxing. Furthermore, flames are beautiful in all phases from the initial lighting to the burning of coals.
  • Comfort
    A HWAM and WIKING wood-burning stove is designed for user-friendliness throughout the duration of its service lifetime.
  • Materials
    Here at HWAM, we have been working with sheet iron for more than 45 years, and we know what advantages it provides for our customers.
  • Unique Door System
    All HWAM & WIKING stoves have an easy and unique door closing system, which ensures that the door fits tightly
  • HWAM® Autopilot™
    A wood-burning stove with HWAM® Autopilot ™ ensures excellent combustion – for the benefit of the environment and your firewood consumption – without any manual regulation of the air supply.
  • EN/N



Energy Performance Labelling energy rating a plus
Brand Hwam
Model 3110M White
Output KW 4.8
Efficiency 79%
CO2 Emission
Style Modern
Flue size 150 mm
Fuel Wood
Dimensions H 755 x W 479 x D 414 mm
Weight 87Kg
Material Steel & Cast iron
Eco Design Yes

Instructions for Installation and Use



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