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Jotul – F370 V2 Advance Series

To keep an iconic design relevant, it is all about refining the details, and now Jotul has done it again. Jotul believes that good design should be a team player for your body – that’s why, for the Jøtul F 370 Advance series, they have developed a new door mechanism with improved ergonomi. Iconic and award winning as the Jøtul F 370 series has become, it has now been further improved and offers even more functionality. With its new, magnetic door locking mechanism, you will experience a smooth and effortless opening of the door. An integrated ‘stay-functionality’ in the door, becomes useful when placing logs on to the tinder-bed. The door will stay open until you give it a small push on the handle, and it closes.


  • Ergonomic door solution
  • Celebrated design
  • Clean glass with upgraded air system
  • Jotul cast iron fireplaces have a basic 5-year warranty on external castings, Jotul provides an extended warranty of 25 years by registration.


Energy Performance Labelling energy rating a plus
Brand Jotul
Model F370
Output KW 6
Efficiency 78%
CO2 Emission 0.06%
Style Modern
Flue size 150 mm
Fuel Wood
Dimensions See per model
Weight See per model
Material Cast iron
Eco Design Yes


Instruction Manuals

Product Sheet

Jotul 25 year warranty

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