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Twin Wall Systems

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As part of our HETAS registered installation service you can book an appointment with one of our highly trained surveyors to assess where you want your new stove to be positioned, we can then discuss your options and provide a solution to make it happen.

It is possible for your installation to terminate through the roof of your property, or through an external wall and up the side of the building.


twin wall chimney system installed by opulence stoves

Twin wall system chimneys


ICID is a twin wall system chimney designed specifically for stoves. A key feature of the system is the easy to install twist lock connections.

An endorsement of the quality of the flue is its guarantee. A period equal to the guarantee period of the appliance to which the liner is first connected; or 20 years.

ICID Product Features

Maximum flue temperature efficiency

The 25mm of high-density mineral wool insulation maintains the flue gas temperature, improving flue draught on start-up and minimising condensation.

Advanced corrosion resistance*

Designed and constructed using laser welded 316L stainless steel inner liner and stainless steel case.

Twist-lock bayonet joining system

This is secured by a locking band.

Lip seal packs are available

These contain a quick fit female lip seal with a grease sachet to allow product to be easily adapted for use in Positive Pressure (P) applications for use on condensing positive pressure appliances.

Engineered design

An inward bead at the female end of the inner liner acts as a capillary break preventing moisture being drawn through the joint.

Maximum thermal expansion

The inner liner is free to expand through female collar, allowing for maximum thermal expansion even during a soot fire.

*Corrosion Resistance

Chimneys are subject to significant corrosion attack by flue gas condensates, particularly from solid fuel. ICID is specifically designed and manufactured to resist this condensation.

Not only is it one of the most aesthetically pleasing flue systems to look at, furthermore it has one of the longest guarantees of any twin wall system chimneys. We have built a long-lasting relationship with our flue manufacturer to ensure we can find all the answers we need.

In addition to our comprehensive stove installation services, we are happy to provide this system on a supply only basis. Enquire about this product.

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