Everhot 60

The Natural choice for small kitchen

First model, it  was an immediate success when it was launched 40 years ago. The Everhot 60 has an enduring and broad appeal which is especially popular for homes where space is at a premium. Being so compact you might expect some compromise, but nothing could be further from the truth. Yes it’s small, but it’s also perfectly formed, and it comes packed with features that put larger competitors to shame. With its two large ovens, cast iron hot and simmer plates and integral grill, the Everhot 60 has more capacity than many of its larger competitors.



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This cooker’s 600mm width will fit a standard 600mm wide cooker space. Installation is incredibly straightforward since neither flue nor reinforced floor is needed and it simply plugs into a 13 amp socket, keeping any disruption to a minimum.

The genius behind the design of the Everhot range cookers is the use of a trickle feed of electricity, originally inspired by the power generated from the water turbine at Everhot headquarters, Coaley Mill. An Everhot therefore uses a fraction of the electricity of comparable range cookers.

The true test of a heat storage cooker’s efficiency is its power consumption when it is left on 24 hours a day, with the ovens and the cast iron plates turned on and providing warmth to the room. It is important when comparing different range cooker manufacturers to ask what their running costs will be when operated as a heat storage cooker. Many of other cooker range brands publish consumption data when running the ovens only, not the hot plate and simmer plates, which are often expressed as hourly figures. In order to make a direct comparison you’ll need to calculate the 24/7 leave-on costs of the hot plates and simmer plates on competitor models. In some cases this will double the published headline consumption figures of their models.

Whilst an Everhot heat storage range cooker is designed to remain switched on day and night, it has flexibility at the core of its design. The temperature of each cooking zone can be controlled individually, and Everhot uses the latest induction technology to offer year-round use. The timed, fully programmable, ECO mode further enhances the efficiency and flexibility of the cooker.

Everhot consumption figures are based on the recommended temperature settings which your Everhot will be set to when it arrives. These are 220 degrees for the top oven, 100 degrees for the bottom oven, 290 degrees for the hot plate and 200 degrees for the simmer plate. The ECO mode automatically drops the cooker into half temperatures overnight and saves around 20% of the power consumed by the cooker.


Brand Everhot
Model 60
Power consumption using ECO overnight (KWH per week*) 75
Typical heat output (W) 600
Dimensions W598 x D600 x H900 – H lid up 1530mm
Weight (Kg) 250
Control panel 1 External box W220 x D130 x H155mm
Number of 13 Amp supplies 2
Number of oven with grill – max 250ºC –  W395 x H290 x D490 1
Number of oven  – max 200ºC –  W395 x H290 x D470 1
Number of oven  – max 180ºC –  W395 x H290 x D470 0
Number of oven  – max 120ºC –  W395 x H290 x D470 0
Number of oven  –  approx 120ºC –  W395 x H290 x D440 0
Number of plate warming oven**  –  approx 60ºC –  W290 x H290 x D540 0
Number of hot plate  –  W235 x D355 1
Number of simmer plate  –  W165 x D355 1
Number of induction hob zones 0


*Running cost based on using ECO mode overnight (from 21.00pm to 6.00 am) and a 3 hour oven delay.

**Warming ovens do not have heating elements and take their heat from adjacent ovens.



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